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February 10, 2007
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'A Soul Fades' by QuantumSuz 'A Soul Fades' by QuantumSuz
That which reminds me

Is there any point in waiting here?
Empty eyes as statue stare,
Fragments of places
Where I have tried and failed to forget
Frozen here amidst the seven
And spiralling between the two
Haunting forever

Is there anything I would rather do?
Can't even burn that which reminds me
Crumble to my ground; giving up
Breeze scattering ash.
You may be a glance away
But your fading soul remains deep under
Diving forever

Ghost melody echoes in my head
I'm waiting for my wings to grow
So I may spread feathered tip
And float away, wingbeat slow.
Far away choir sings minor
Yet nothing but silence graces waters' edge
Patiently forever

Let these feathers fall; I shall leave this place
A fear becomes too real; besides
Who mourns upon the grave of a soul alone?
As long as I feel, I cannot slip away
Your remains are still here...
Such a thought turns me to dust inside
Understanding forever


Approx 20 hours in Photoshop from scratch. I'm trying a more soft painting style. I also looked more closely at some references for the hands, and did a bit of research into wing shapes. I enjoyed making this piece for the most part, I could really engage with the feeling in me. It seeped its way down from my head to the canvas; It made me want to cry at times. Its amazing what art can do to me.
I think I'll make this one into a print too, as its fairly well polished in terms of the detailwork.

I really hope people like it :)
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BloomingRoseXeniia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing :rose:
MetallicDevil Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Is the poem your originl poem? If not. Who is it by?
NatiaGreenleaf Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
This is really beautiful!!
StarsColdNight Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
featured here [link] & [link] :D
GrayWaters Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
I love this piece for several reasons. I have seen few well made gothic costuming in all white that still looks goth- and two: I love the coloring on the water!
QuantumSuz Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
Awww thanks!
antoanette Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2009
Your work has been featured in my new journal entry;) :heart:
QuantumSuz Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
Thank you! Appreciated :)
Tania-S Featured By Owner May 31, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Hi ^^
Your work are featured here [link]
QuantumSuz Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
Thank you very much :)
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